Back To The Future

2023 sported the return of the back to back regatta Snipe “winter circuit”. As Mark Twain is accused of writing, history doesn’t repeat it just rhymes. In this case, instead of the prior Midwinters in Clearwater followed by the DonQ in Miami and the Bacardi/Gamblin inNassau, it was the Commodoro Rasco in Miami followed by the rejuvenated Mindwinters in Key Largo. Regardless of the regattas and their venues, it was a return to the vibe of marching south from one regatta to the next which brings anticipation of warm weather sailing, friends and Snipe travel.… Read More Back To The Future

2022 CX #7 – Capital ‘Cross Classic – That’s All Folks!

This past Sunday’s Capital ‘Cross Classic was the traditional closer for the Mid Atlantic cyclocross season. It was a really nice day, sunny and cold-ish which is proper ‘cross temperature compared to the 70 degrees the last time I raced two weeks ago. In reality, my season was already over given I was off the bike for two weeks and lost a lot of fitness. However, I really love the vibe of the Capital ‘Cross Classic so I was going to do it regardless. … Read More 2022 CX #7 – Capital ‘Cross Classic – That’s All Folks!

Mixed Up In Barcelona

We spent the 2022 Thanksgiving week in Barcelona. In general, it exceeded expectations with all of the interesting aspects of any large European city, excellent walkability, good transportation options, great cultural amenities, interesting architecture, and oh the food! Because of my interest in urbanism, it’s always fun to experience a new city with that lens, especially one that has been written about extensively in urbanism circles. But, of all of the possible facets of city planning to observe, the one that really jumped out for me was the extreme mixture of uses and how it manifests in the city.… Read More Mixed Up In Barcelona

2022 CX #5 – AACX – Ongleooflijk!

Don’t worry if you don’t understand Flemish because “ongleooflijk” means exactly what you think it should mean if you raced the event (“unbelievable”). AACX is ABRT’s event and in my opinion – and I have raced every AACX at this location (8 years) – this was the best course and not just because I helped put it together, but from a racer’s perspective. Hosting an event like this makes me really understand the effort others put into their events and I’m very appreciative of being able to concentrate on just racing and having fun when I travel to other cyclocross events.… Read More 2022 CX #5 – AACX – Ongleooflijk!