Back To The Future

2023 sported the return of the back to back regatta Snipe “winter circuit”. As Mark Twain is accused of writing, history doesn’t repeat it just rhymes. In this case, instead of the prior Midwinters in Clearwater followed by the DonQ in Miami and the Bacardi/Gamblin inNassau, it was the Commodoro Rasco in Miami followed by the rejuvenated Mindwinters in Key Largo. Regardless of the regattas and their venues, it was a return to the vibe of marching south from one regatta to the next which brings anticipation of warm weather sailing, friends and Snipe travel.… Read More Back To The Future

2020 Frigid Digit: Another COVID Regatta Success

It was a little Frigid and breeze never got out of single Digits at the 2020 Snipe Frigid Digit on October 3-4, but in the world of COVID, it was a fun, crystal clear fall weekend with a great turnout of new and old Snipe sailors alike! with both “pandemic regattas”, the Colonial Cup and Frigid Digit, in the rear view mirror, we are happy to report neither of these has had any negative effects. Taking reasonable precautions with some sacrifices has allowed us to continue to do what we love at very low risk.… Read More 2020 Frigid Digit: Another COVID Regatta Success

The Wayback Machine – or is it the WABAC Machine?

The Internet Archive – also known as the Wayback Machine – is one of those most amazing pieces of internet technology that just chugs along in the background. As they say, once something is posted online, it never goes away and in many cases, that’s a good thing! As we age and history gets fuzzier, this is a great resource to remember the real deal.… Read More The Wayback Machine – or is it the WABAC Machine?