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Charm City Cross

The Art of Riding A Bike

I was initially going to title this piece “Thoughts On The End Of The 2019 Cyclocross Season”, but as I started to recap the season in my head for this wrapup, I realized what I love about cyclocross transcends that specific discipline of the sport and is really just a manifestation of what I love about riding bikes in general. Read on…

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Fixie Russian Roulette

Note: I wrote this back in 2009 and have not ridden my fixed gear bike much on group rides recently, but nonetheless it also applies to riding a geared bike in a group with many stronger riders. Often, it’s not a question of if I will pop, but when…

Question: When is riding a Fixie like playing Russian Roulette?
Answer: When you ride it for the Saturday D’ville group ride.

Huh? Read on…

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St. Michaels Century – Another View

ABRT did the Bike Doctor/St. Michael’s Century on the eastern shore this past weekend. It was a beautiful day for it; low humidity, sunshine and cool temperatures. This is one of the things I love about the “century season” in the fall and I try to do as many as possible (Bay Country, Civil War, Seagull). Such a welcome change from the typical summer conditions. While these are not races, it is fun to do them with teammates and friends in a challenging, but not “dog-eat-dog at all costs” kind of a way.

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The End of the (Century) Season

The Seagull Century last Saturday marked, at least for me, the end of both the “Century Season” and the season as a whole. I think that is especially true given the very fall like weather we are having this week.

This year I did 4 centuries along with a number of ABRT riders: Rick’s Solomon’s Island ride, our Bay Country Century, the Civil War Century and the Seagull Century. In reflecting on the season during a chili ride yesterday, I realize one of the reasons I did more centuries that races this year is that I really enjoy the longer, steadier effort rides (including our Saturday Training rides) much more than I do the shorter, intense efforts of our typical summer crit schedule. Not that there is anything wrong with those type of events, it’s just that they are not really my thing. For me, especially when there are stronger riders in the group (like almost always), these rides are “races” in the sense that they are physically challenging and they simulate certain aspects of road racing. While the focus of the club is on attending, participating in and winning races, I think there are a lot of riders that have this shared sense of purpose in the Club.

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2009 ABRT Spain Training Camp

In 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 ABRT did spring training camps near Malaga Spain ( Villanueva del Rosario) hosted by Idlebreaks. We typically did two groups and I went in 2008 and 2009 with the “non-Elite Team” group.

Wow, what a difference a week makes! At the risk of gloating about how nice the weather was, the ABRT group two had 8 days of bright sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60s, although we did have to put on arm warmers the last 3 days, which really put a crimp on my tan. It was, like the first group, very windy most days.

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