Dealing With The Planning Dogma Of The Past

A recent project that came before the Annapolis Planning Commission was made very challenging by the planning dogma that arose in the mass suburbanization era of the last half of the 20th century. The choices made 40-50 years ago to the development pattern in Annapolis that seemed like the next great thing at the time required us to choose the least bad option. What can we learn from that?… Read More Dealing With The Planning Dogma Of The Past

Miami to Key West Ride

I had intended to do a Florida “coast 2 coast” three day ride from Titusville to St Pete, but given the massive cold front that blasted all the way through Florida with predicted overnight temps in the 30s, we called an audible and surfed the cold front to Miami, our eventual destination. Since it was even cold there, we decided to keep going to the keys. I have always wanted to do the full distance of the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail and so decided to ride to Key West instead.… Read More Miami to Key West Ride