Mixed Up In Barcelona

We spent the 2022 Thanksgiving week in Barcelona. In general, it exceeded expectations with all of the interesting aspects of any large European city, excellent walkability, good transportation options, great cultural amenities, interesting architecture, and oh the food! Because of my interest in urbanism, it’s always fun to experience a new city with that lens, especially one that has been written about extensively in urbanism circles. But, of all of the possible facets of city planning to observe, the one that really jumped out for me was the extreme mixture of uses and how it manifests in the city.… Read More Mixed Up In Barcelona

Dealing With The Planning Dogma Of The Past

A recent project that came before the Annapolis Planning Commission was made very challenging by the planning dogma that arose in the mass suburbanization era of the last half of the 20th century. The choices made 40-50 years ago to the development pattern in Annapolis that seemed like the next great thing at the time required us to choose the least bad option. What can we learn from that?… Read More Dealing With The Planning Dogma Of The Past

The Journey to Strong Towns Annapolis

The Strong Towns Annapolis group was pleased to host a stop on the Strong America Tour on October 10, 2019. We are a small but passionate group of Strong Towns acolytes that are sharing the message in Annapolis, Maryland. While every place is different, I hope sharing the journey we have been on will help inspire others to embark on their own journey to making their place a strong town.¬†… Read More The Journey to Strong Towns Annapolis