Monthly Archives: January 2012

Statement of Support – Annapolis Bicycle Master Plan

Annapolis City Council Meeting, January, 9 2012

Mr. Mayor and Council Members, thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Annapolis Bicycle Master Plan.

Auto-based transportation certainly has its place in our city and provides many benefits. However, auto dependence has many negative consequences, such as pollution, sprawling development patterns, unattractive urban development and can be disenfranchising to the young, old and less well off who cannot drive.

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WTF, Cleveland?

Over the last year I have come to the realization that I will never amount to much as a competitive cyclist from a Palmares standpoint, meaning I’m never going to win races or even place in races, and thus my Palmares (“List of accomplishments”) will never get beyond my first race – 1st place in the Greenbelt C race in 2008. The reasons for this are many, take your pick: too distracted to train enough, didn’t pick my parents well enough, worried about injury or many more, yada, yada, yada.

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