Trish Cunningham Memorial Rally and Ride


For more information contact: Alex Pline,, 443-­‐510-­‐7297
Media Kit

Trish Cunningham Memorial Rally and Ride for Bicycle Safety Awareness Saturday September 28, 2012
7:00am Rally Start at Annapolis High School – 8:30 Bike Ride Start

Annapolis, MD, September 28, 2013 -­‐ On Wednesday August 21 at 5:30pm, 50 year-­‐old mother of three Trish Cunningham was riding her bike lawfully southbound on Riva Road in Davidsonville. As she was cresting a blind hill, a minivan attempted to pass, crossing the double yellow line. As the minivan was passing, an oncoming vehicle forced the driver to swerve into, strike and kill Ms. Cunningham. The driver was declared at fault by the Anne Arundel County Police Department.

Ride And Rally Details

This rally and following ride is to raise awareness of the Maryland 3-­‐Foot Law and to encourage all users of our city/county/state roads to respect the presence of bicycles on the roads as well as to pay tribute a life cut tragically short.

The rally will begin at Annapolis High School in the school parking lot at 7am with an area for interviews with the Rally spokesperson, area cyclists, the Anne Arundel County Police Bike Unit and Trish Cunningham’s family.

Following, the rally, a large group of cyclists will leave AHS as a group and travel down Riva Road escorted by the Anne Arundel County Police Bike Unit. A brief pause will be made for a moment of silence at the site where a Ghost Bike will be located. From there, the ride will continue to Riva Park, a distance of 4 miles from AHS. Riders wishing to return to AHS will be escorted back immediately after arriving at Riva Park. Riders wishing to participate must be able to cover the 8 miles under their own power.

Over 200 cyclists are expected to attend the ride in addition to members of the Annapolis running community, the Annapolis High School Track Team of which Trish was assistant coach, and supportive friends and family.

Maryland 3-­‐Foot Law

Maryland law states that the driver of a vehicle passing another vehicle, including a bicycle, must pass at a safe distance and leave plenty of space. Additionally, the driver of a vehicle must not pass within (3) feet to a bicycle if the bicycle is operated in a lawful manner. This is known as the “3-­‐ Foot Law”.

The Ghost Bike Tradition

A ghost bike is a bicycle set up as a roadside memorial in a place where a cyclist has been killed or severely injured. Apart from being a memorial, it is intended as a gentle reminder to passing motorists to share the road. Ghost bikes are usually junk bicycles painted white, sometimes with a placard.

Trish Cunningham

Trish Cunningham was a loving mother of Morgan, Ben and Avery, and husband Jerry as well as a respected cross country coach at Annapolis High School.

2 thoughts on “Trish Cunningham Memorial Rally and Ride

  1. does anyone know if the police charged the driver with violating the three foot law?

    in its entire (three years or so) history, i know of only two tickets written for violating the three-foot passing law: in both cases the bicyclist was killed.

    if youre not naive and know american history: the only laws that matter are the laws that are ENFORCED. speeding, tail-gating, cellphone use, harassing cyclists and not allowing three feet to pass, etc. — none of these laws are enforced with any statistical significance…

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