Artemis I Launched!

Pardon the diversion again from the usual Urbanism, Bikes and Boats, but I am thrilled with the launch of Artemis I, the “third” (by my count) generation of NASA’s Human Space Program. I’m thrilled to have played at least a small part in making this program the best it can be.

When I started working at NASA, we never had any media presence like this!

Even though I have been gone from NASA for 16 months now, this is still fresh in my mind. I was part of the Human Spaceflight Program in various capacities for my entire 35 year career, most recently managing IT projects related to Artemis. While I was privately quite critical of the way NASA managed it’s SLS development and the contractor (Boeing), I like to think my work and leadership in helping modernize some business processes and development of web-based software to implement them made it better. I had always hoped to see the Artemis Program take off (literally and figuratively) while I was there so I could experience it with fantastic people I worked with, but alas I could not wait any longer. Nonetheless, I am happy and hopeful for the success of the only employer I ever had and especially for my colleagues who are still there to revel in the flight phase of the Artemis Program after so many years.

I’m looking forward to seeing more in the future. Bon Voyage!

One thought on “Artemis I Launched!

  1. Congrats on helping bring this worthy endeavor to fruition. In the early ’90s I had the pleasure of calling NASA “part of my beat,” and loved every minute. Everyone I met was an enthusiast! As I am for grammar basics, so please take my its-ing petition in the intended spirit. Your posts are informative and fair-minded — a bracing mix in this blogosphere of ours.

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